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Besides being artisan, our chocolates are made with the finest quality sustainable Cocoa beans from across the world. Chocolate grows 20deg off of the equator, and develops different flavour notes dependant on where it is planted & how it is produced.
Our chocolates contain more flavour notes than wine and are classed as Couverture. They contain high percentages of Cocoa & don’t contain any additives or preservatives. We also endeavour to sustainably package our Chocolates – with plastic free and biodegradable packaging where possible.
All our chocolates are made the true artisan way, crafted in small batches, each one shaped, cut and dipped by Chocolatier Mil & Tutu Team.
Our chocolates have won several awards including Great Taste Awards & International Chocolate Awards.
We are based in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, visit us in the quaint town of Watlington to watch as we handcraft our chocolates.

Luxury Artisan


Handcrafted in the heart of
rural Oxfordshire