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Our chocolates are made with the finest quality sustainable Cocoa beans from across the world. Chocolate grows 20deg off of the equator, and develops different flavour notes dependant on where it is planted & how it is produced.

Therefore as chocolate, like fine wine, carries distinct flavour notes influenced by its origin - every bite is a delicious journey! 

Whether you're a seasoned chocolate enthusiast or a curious newcomer, let Tutu elevate your chocolate experience. 
All our chocolates are made the true artisan way, crafted in small batches, each one shaped, cut and dipped by our skilled Chocolatier Mil & Tutu Team.
Since opening in 2011, Tutu Chocolates have won several awards including Great Taste Awards & International Chocolate Awards.

Embark on a delightful journey to the heart of rural Oxfordshire and discover our quaint town of Watlington, where the magic happens. Visit our shop and witness first hand the artistry that goes into handcrafting each chocolate.

Luxury Artisan


Handcrafted in the heart of
rural Oxfordshire

"Tutu Chocolate, derived from 'too too delicious chocolate,' reflects the essence of my realisation – the sheer delight that high-quality chocolates bring."

Handcrafted with care for your well-being

Our chocolates contain high percentages of cocoa & do not contain additives or preservatives.

Because of this they are enriched with more flavanols that could provide lots of
health benefits such as:

Supporting your cardiovascular system
Lowering cholesterol
Reducing inflammation
Preventing blood clots
Increasing serotonin

20230810 - Tutu Product Photos 052.jpg

At Tutu we believe in a more  mindful approach -

Putting you,
the environment & 
community first



Join us on a visual journey - follow us on social media for behind the scenes sneak peeks, mouth watering visuals, and engaging content that brings the chocolate-making process to life.

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