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Over 11 years of Tutu Delicious Chocolates



Watlington, nestled in the rural corner of South Oxfordshire, is allegedly the Smallest Cattle Market Town in England. Amongst the Historic Buildings, Spectacular Countryside walks & Cycle paths, Watlington now has a vibrant high street offering unique independent shops. A true hidden gem just waiting to be visited. You can find us at the bottom of the High Street, please look for our orange blinds!

As you step through our door you are welcomed with the delicious smell of chocolates and can watch Chocolates being made in the true artisan way with high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

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I left My Heart At Tutu

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My chocolate journey started over 8 years ago, where I landed my first job as a Saturday Girl at Tutu Delicious Chocolates. At first, I was apprehensive about the job responsibilities as I was soon informed that I would need to taste all of the chocolates to be able to sell them. This sounds like a dream, right? But not to a 16-year-old girl who thought she didn’t like chocolate! Who would’ve thought that my life would completely change after one bite of artisan couverture chocolate. I have always had a more savoury taste palate and grew up tasting supermarket chocolates I presumed that all chocolate would taste either sickly sweet, or bitter. I was wrong. Chocolate, though world known, has a lot of factors that are unknown.  Like the fact that Couverture chocolate has more flavour notes than wine. This is down to how it is produced and the quality of the Cocoa Beans used. From that first bite, became a deep love & passion for chocolate that ever grows. Soon after, I became the Chocolatiers Apprentice, learning all about the science and art involved in hand crating chocolates.

Tutu Chocolates has been running for over 11 years and was originally started by the incredibly talented Zoe Haynes in 2011. Zoe & her family made me feel a part of their family & inspired me to grow as a person as well as a Chocolatier. After 5 years of working at Tutu, I left to further my knowledge at other top chocolate shops in and around London and attended courses across the UK & in Las Vegas. But nowhere compared to Tutu. I had left my heart there. When Zoe, the previous owner announced that she wanted to sell the business & retire I became overcome with emotion. I knew what I had to do. Using all my savings & getting a loan from the bank I became the new owner of Tutu Chocolates in January 2023 aged 23. The ongoing support from customers, some of who remember me, and my family by working in the shop with me has been incredible, I am so thankful. THANK YOU for sharing this dream with me as I craft lots of new, exciting & continually loved chocolates for you to enjoy.

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