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Where does the cacao come from?

Tutu Chocolates sources high quality, sustainably sourced cocoa in button form from plantations across the world.


How do you get your chocolate?

We are not a bean to bar company. We source our chocolates in button form from highly reputable companies such as Cacao Barry, Valrhona & Firetree. 


How Sustainable are your Chocolates?

When you purchase Tutu Chocolates you are investing in sustainable Cocoa Farming. This is because our chocolates actively support the farmers, Cocoa Horizons Foundation, The Rainforest Alliance & Fairtrade.


What is the Cocoa Horizons Foundation?

“Cocoa Horizons is an impact driven program focused on cocoa farmer prosperity and helping build self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children”. This foundation was founded by one of our chocolate producers Barry Callebaut in 2015.


How should you store chocolates?

Chocolates should be stored at room temperature 18.C to 20 .C with low humidity levels. Chocolate should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from any strong smells.


What happens if you store chocolate in the fridge?

Chocolate is very sensitive to its surroundings. If chocolate is kept in the fridge it will bloom. This means that the chocolate will have a grey dull colour and some of the flavour could be lost. If you are gifting chocolates, we would recommend avoiding putting chocolates in the fridge.

However, this is not to say that Chocolates shouldn’t be kept there – this is more of a personal preference. As chocolate melts at body temperature, by putting the chocolate in the fridge it will slow the melting time and could therefore result in a longer moment of enjoyment. Which could prove to be especially handy in hotter seasons.



Why is there two days wait for Click and collect?

Tutu chocolates are freshly made in small batches. By having a two day wait ensures we have enough time to make and package your order. If you require earlier collection, please contact us on

01491 612462


Delivery Options?

Tutu Chocolates will be looking into adding delivery options but at this present moment we cannot offer this. We appreciate your patience.


Can I amend my order after it is placed?

Yes, you can amend your order. We will start preparing your order as soon as it is placed but if you would like to make any amendments to your order, please contact us on

01491 612462


Which Payment methods do you accept?

We accept almost all types of card payment methods but prefer Visa & Mastercard payments. The card payment methods we accept online are as follows: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Diners. The payment methods we accept in the shop are Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Small Cash. Although we accept American Express we prefer other card methods. Our goal is to go Cashless, so we only accept small notes, coins or exact monetary in the shop.


Can I choose the truffles inside my box?

If you require specific truffles, please contact us on 01491 612462


How can I inform you of allergies?

There is a text box in your cart for any messages you might like to send to our staff. Here you can inform us of any allergens you may have. Please view our allergies page for information. Please feel free to contact us on 01491 612462 or email us on for further assistance.


What allergens do you handle on your premises?

Our chocolates are made in an environment that handles NUTS, PEANUTS, GLUTEN, DAIRY, SOYA, SESAME & SULPHITES.


Are there Corporate discounts available for large orders?


Please contact us via email on or call us on 01491 612462 to discuss your order and discount availability.


Please visit our Corporate page for more information.



What are the shelf lives on your chocolates?


All of our chocolates are freshly made in small batches. Typically, our Chocolates will have a 6–8-week shelf life after purchase (some items will vary). All of our products are stamped with a best before date which can visibly be seen on the back of the packaging and on the Truffle Menu card (for Truffle Boxes).



How will I know what truffles are inside my box?

Inside every box will be a truffle menu card that shows our classic truffle range. As we are continuously creating new truffles, we display our full range of truffles on our truffles. Please visit this page or contact us for more information.


How sustainable is Tutu Chocolates Packaging?

We endeavour to be as sustainable as possible. Our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. Our labels are FSC Accredited. The adhesive that sticks the labels is not as recyclable. Please remove as much of the label as you can before recycling our packaging. You are also welcome to reuse our packaging and bring your truffle box back for refilling.

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